Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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I myself have not had/taken the opportunity to travel much however the little piece of the Cataraqui Trail in Sydenham, Ontario just outside my front door has filled up my soul on many occasions when I found my spirits running low.
P.S. I have been reworking URG for his Ultra Running Magazine debut. I really want him to look good for the opportunity Tia at Ultra Running has presented him with. He is almost set to go here but with a few more tweaks I will unveil his final look this Sunday so stay tuned.


Derrick said...

So true. There are so many incredible places to refuel your soul, but sometimes the best refueling takes place just outside your door.

Your section of the Cat Trail is right up there with some of the nicest parts I've seen of it. The only section that probably trumps it is the remoteness between Perth Road Village and Chaffey's locks...Clifs on one side, lakes off the other. It's all good.

EJ said...

Yes nice to have the trail close to home but I sure would love to get away sometime. Like to Frontenac Park; )
To those who don't know Frontenac Park is probably only a 15 minute drive from my house. I must take the drive sometime.