Thursday, June 24, 2010



"DO NOT RUN"?? Hey did URG actually say that? This is probably the only time URG would utter those words to others and then actually take the advice himself. Also DO NOT crouch down like URGal, this makes you appear small like prey. It is human nature to run or hide when confronted with a threat which is why it is very important to know how to deal with all kinds of wildlife encounters before they happen.
Thanks to Sue for inspiring this comic with her blog about a close encounter with a cougar. She was also kind enough to e-mail me that she liked,  "URG Gets Compressed". I hope she likes this one also although she may not like the fact that she is the first girl in the upper left leading the retreat ; )
NOTE: All the information contained in this blog was gathered from various web sources (e-how, wikihow) and I am not an authority on the subject. Please do your own research and RUN SAFE!

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Nature Girl said...

Hilarious! I hope I'm in that lead pack!