Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Finger Lakes 50's - Mud Bath!


Apparently there was a little mud at the race this year :)


Derrick said...

That sounds about right!

Sara Montgomery said...

At least they remembered to close the gate behind themselves!

Lakewood said...

ahhh yes. mud and cows....that about covers it ;-)

it was still a blast though...and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

EJ said...

Hey Lakewood what do you think of the hairdo? Sorry about the no top, usually that is Derrick. Why do guys take their tops off when women seem capable of getting through a race with theirs on?

Lakewood said...

that's funny....i hadn't even noticed the "34". I'm honored to be in one of your comics! As far as the no-top...i'm looking pretty I won't complain :-).
Guys probably take their tops off mid race because they forgot their band-aids/nipguards/vaseline and start getting "chafing issues".

anyhoo, thanks again for the appearance in your comic. Too bad I wasn't actually right behind derrick...I would have had a killer time ;-)

EJ said...

Your eyes weren't decieving you. I added the numbers your eyebrows and necklace later. I have an editing problem. I am trying to get help for it though:)

Thanks for the filling me in on men's "nip" problems. I had no idea.