Thursday, July 23, 2009

Born to Run

If you haven't read Chris McDougall's book "Born To Run"
then you will have to go out and get it(or borrow it from a friend).
It just may inspire you to put on a blouse and run around
in a skirt like URG.
Here are a few links to a couple of characters in the book-
An interesting article-


Sara said...

URG got a running skirt before URGal did! (She'll never ask to borrow it either I bet.)

Derrick said...

Hey, I think that URG looks especially dashing in the duds.

Glad you enjoyed the book EJ. Very entertaining.

EJ said...

Hey Sara, personally I prefer lycra shorts(for the jiggle control). The skirts do look airy though.

I agree the outfit is spiffy, now all URG needs is a pair of Huaraches to finish the ensemble.