Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tall, Dark & Rich

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Derrick said...

Hahaha! Very funny! Wow, does that sound familiar around our house.

Sara said...

Oh my, that one has me laughing pretty hard right now. You're so funny, EJ! Do you come up with these ideas during your runs?

Sara said...

D, Is that Neeka, Jesse or Siku? ;)

Lakewood said...

hee hee ;-)

Derrick said...

Definitely Neeka!'s your morning java? Beer's in the fridge.

EJ said...

Do you come up with these ideas during your runs?
No, not usually. I am all work no play when I run:( Usually I sit down and just start doodling and something comes to me and then something better comes to me and I abandon the first thing and draw the other thing. I have a bunch of unfinished URG's I need to go back to and finish. Sometimes I abondon them because they are too challenging to draw so the easy to draw ones have been making the Blog lately. I am hoping that my drawing skills will improve enough to tackle the tough ones soon. I looked back at the early URG's yesterday and can't believe I actually thought they were good enough to start a Blog with. What was I thinking?

Hey Lakewood,
I got one of those ClustrMaps like you. Very cool! You should see a Florida dot on yours tomorrow.

You and Sara have to get a ClustrMap.