Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 20 Signs Your Are Training (Too) Hard for Your Next Ultra - CONTEST!!

URG's FIRST Contest!!
We need your HELP to FINISH our TOP Ten 20 List!
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Top 20 Signs You are Training (Too) Hard
for Your Next Ultra

#20. you leave drop bags beside your bed for late night snacks. Derrick
 Thanks to Derrick who sent me this line as an idea for an "URG". I thought it sounded like the start of a Great TOP 10 List...which is now become a TOP 20 List.

19. you find yourself asking strangers in the grocery store to pace you through the frozen food section.

18. you insist your family uses headlamp light exclusively after Dusk.

17. your dog thinks it is so cute the way your feet and arms move when you sleep.

16. you've used your new altimeter watch to chart the elevation climb from the basement to the living room to the bedroom and have set a PR on the course...3x's

15. you wake your spouse up every night shouting "GU, more GU, I need more GU"

14. 3 days before the race you try to convince yourself that a quick little 50 km run couldn't hurt and might actually loosen things up.

13. ??? OK it is now your turn. We need your HELP to complete the list. Leave a "Comment" with your entry for our Top Ten List. You need only enter 1 suggestion or 3 or a dozen. I will add the winning entry's to the list with the name/link of the winner. If for some reason you cannot leave a comment then e-mail your entry to me at

Prizes: The Top 3 entry's will be commemorated in pencil/ink and posted on the site. 
1st Prize: The person who's entry is chosen as #1 on the Top Ten List will get his or her very own character based on your Ultra Running exploits in an upcoming URG episode PLUS...........bragging rights:) 

There is NO limit to the number of entry's per person.
BTW, the 3 winning entry's will be decided by me. Oh the POWER!

UPDATE: URG's First Contest is NOW CLOSED. Click her for the WINNERS. Due to recieving so many good entries I have decided to turned the "TOP 10 List" into a "Top 20 ". Thank-you to everyone who entered. It was extremely HARD determining the winner and I now regret putting all that pressure on my shoulders. Next time I will turn it over to a professional:)


JD said...

3- You refuse to buy the latest Garmin GPS watch because the battery life is ONLY 20 hours;

2- You wax your chest to improve the signal of your heart rate monitor strap;

1- You think people doing an Ironman are lazy because they get to sit for 6 hours

EJ said...

Very Good JD! I don't think my Garmin even has 20 hours so I may just have to chuck it.

Just a quick note that you don't have to enter a suggestion for each the Top 1, 2 and 3. Just one answer is OK also. JD is just showing off a bit:)

Derrick said...

- take the cell phone with you for the sole purpose of ordering pizza during your long run.

- leave a drop bag beside your bed for late night snacks.

- refer to beer as liquid cereal and is definitely a food group of it's own.

Derrick said...

ok...I guess mine were all about food. Maybe that says something :)

Sara said...

You start getting really tired of eating all the time!

Derrick said...

you spend more time getting your gear ready to go for a long run, than getting ready to go to a wedding.

EJ said...

OK, as long as it's not your own wedding.

Sara said...

Nope, your own too. It's only fair. :)

JD said...

Worst case scenario: you actually run to the wedding!

Lakewood said...

- You start measuring distances by how long it would take you to "shuffle" there

- When you show up late for an appointment, you tell everyone that at least you didn't miss the cutoff.

- You get more excited about shoe shopping than your wife/girlfriend. ;-)

- You don't think of yourself as behind schedule until you've seen that 2nd sunrise.

Evan Hone said...

Evan e-mailed this one in-

Heres one........................You never leave the house without a piece of toilet paper in your pocket.

EJ said...

I must admit that this would be a fun one to draw. Picture a roll of toilet paper afixed to URGs belt and a long trail of toilet paper unrolling behind as he runs down the trail.

EJ said...

Just wondering if you ever pick up the matching purse when you go shopping for all those shoes?

Lakewood said...

uhhhhhh me? purse? never. Now as far as "european shoulder bags", then maybe ;-P

I vote for the toilet paper one too.

EJ said...

Aaah, the matching shoulder bag. URG hits a "pose" while checking out his new shoes and matching "european shoulder bag" in the mirror.

Bryon Powell said...

You realize that sleep is cutting into your running time.

Sara said...

Your friends and family stage an intervention. (inspired by's DK entry)

EJ said...

"You realize that sleep is cutting into your running time."
Picture URG running on a treadmill while sleeping with a pillow on his shoulder zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......propped up with a 2x4:)

"Your friends and family stage an intervention"
URG is at his running intervetion milling around eating snacks nodding and grinning and people voice their concerns...Note: he is wearing an iPod with buds in his ears listening to The Sex Pistols?? Any song suggestions?

Sara said...

I'd go with "I Want To Be Me" or "Did You No Wrong", from Flogging a Dead Horse.

I do love the idea of enjoying your own intervention to its fullest! Party on!

Derrick said...

Sorry Sara...
The Sex Pistols begin and end with 'Never Mind the Bollocks' album (Not Floggin'...), so I would have to go with 'Anarchy in the U.K.', even though I expect his personal favourite is 'God save the Queen'.

Although, 'No Feelings' and 'Pretty Vacant' might describe an ultra runner a little better.

Anonymous said...

Your mother is trying to figure out what she was eating while pregnant to have such crazy kids, one running every day and going in a 100 mile race and another trekking along the Amazon. Where did she go wrong?

Sara said...

D - Bollocks to the Pistols anyway.

R - Maybe EJ will turn your question into a cartoon!

EJ said...

Anonymous (as in Gramma R I presume),
I think you mean...where did you go RIGHT? Please give me your secret. Although I am sure it can be hard on you and your husband worrying about them. I always think of Derrick and Debbie as "Hansel and Gretel". Their parents keep trying to get them lost in the woods but they keep finding their way home. Not that you would ever do that.

OK a flashback to URG's Mom pregnant and eating some wild RED berries? and saying "I hope this doesn't affect the baby". A glimps inside her tummy shows baby URG running cirlces around her womb.

I was wondering if you were a Sex Pistol's fan. Just couldn't see you in a Mosh Pit.

Sara said...

EJ - Nope, not a fan. It's just a lot of noise to me. I do admire their bad-ass attitudes though....slick marketing geniuses they are! (oh boy, I'll pay for that one.)

Derrick said...

yes raised by a pack of wolves, which may have contributed to the love of hanging out with huskies and dogsledding.

I know you are more of a fan of The Clash;) , but the Pistols were what launched the voice of a generation about how bad society (and music) was/are. How can you not get goosebumps from hearing an anthem like 'God Save the Queen'?

Aaron said...

when your coach(URG) tells you the 3 day Rock and Ice is a good idea and you agree with him! :)

Derrick said...

so?.......2010 or 2011??

David said...

The more the merrier.

Ron said...

-You can't be bothered running aMarathon because its too short!

-When your work schedule changes and the first you do is request vacation time to cover planned races, next you see what other races you can attend then you tell your wife you don't have enough vacation time booked to attend the Cousins Wedding you have already committed too!

-The travel time to a race has to be directly proportional to the length of the event! Drive 3 hours to run a way! Make it a 50k event, 5 hours... no problem!

-The night before a race I usually set three alarms and always wake up and hour before a single one goes off!

EJ said...

Finding time for those weekend weddings seems to be a problem for Ultra Runners and runners in general. Envision URG holding this protest sign-
"Weekends are for Racing,
Not Wedding!
Boycott Weekend Weddings"