Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sent In By You - Private URG

Sent In By YOU.......JD!!
Thanks to JD for sending us this "URG".

click picture for larger view

Another version of JD's URG with a slightly different PUNCH LINE.
Getting the punch line just right can be very challenging. Some comics lend themselves to
multiple punchlines which can be fun but also frustrating not knowing which one to go with.
What I liked about JD's comic was how simple it was which is very hard to do.

Think you have an "URG" inside of you trying to get out.
Well don't just leave him in there, let him out for some fresh air and running room.
Send me your BEST URG ideas for our NEW ongoing series called "SENT IN BY YOU".
You may send your idea as text, a draft drawing to be redrawn or a finished drawing.
E-mail your "URGs" to with the subject line "Sent In By You".

URG's "Top Ten Contest" is still going until this Saturday Sept. 5th.
Check out the details in below...


Sara said...

Very clever and funny!

EJ said...

Have you drawn your "URG" yet?
You are clever and funny so should be a snap!

Sara said...

No way! Yours are perfect.

EJ said...

OK, but do you like the "Sent In By You" idea in general? I think I may get an URG out of you yet. I'll be patient;)

Sara said...

I LOVE the idea! I'd rather have you draw my submission though, if I think of a good one sometime. I'll see what I come up with during Hali! :)

David said...

I swear I am having a really hard time coming up with a good top 10 URG line.

EJ said...

"You know you are training hard for you next ultra" when can't come up with a good Top 10 URG line:)