Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Sent In By You....Derrick!
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Thanks to Derrick for giving us a glimps at what can happen to an Ultra Runner at night in the woods.
Derrick is competing in The Haliburton Forest Trail Race 100 miler as I post this. He is probably at mile 85 right about now. I pitty poor David his pacer if Derrick is anything like his depiction of URG in this comic. Good Luck Derrick, only a few more miles and you'll be at the FINISH LINE.
Also competing at Haliburton today was Keith in the 100, JD in the 50 miler and Aaron, Ron and Sara in the 50km. I hope you all had great runs and I can't wait to read all of your race reports. I will add links to everyones reports as they come in!


EJ said...

Congratulations Derrick. It sounds like you had an amazing race. I can't wait to hear more details from you, David and your crewmates.

Also congratulations to Keith, JD, Aaron and Ron for pulling off spectacular races of their own.

A little Blackberry told me you pulled out of you race and went right to crewing for Derrick. I think that is where you wanted to be this time anyways.

Sleep well,

David said...

He wasn't that bad surprisingly :)

Anyhow here is the best line from the night..

After climbing a couple of long, and a few short hill

Me: I swear this is the LAST hill
Derrick: if you tell me THIS is the LAST hill one more time, I am
going to kick your Ass
Me: okay, if you can catch me.

That is what you call - Pacer Motivation


EJ said...

I love it, I love it! You are obviously a Great Pacer and a Great Motivator. You brought him in in under 18 hours. That must have been a hard run for yourself as well? Great Job!

Sara said...

David, Very funny story!

EJ, Yeah, I went back to "Plan A: Crew" pretty quickly after the start. I'll post something about my day later. Best of luck this weekend to you!!!

Derrick said...

Not sure David, my Mr Hyde words might have been a little more harsh;)...though parts of our night run were a little hazy mentally.

EJ said...

Yes, I think David is being kind. To quote David prerace, "What happens in the Forest stays in the Forest".