Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sent In By You.......Sara!
Click on picture for larger view!!

Thanks Sara for sending in your "URG" idea. Does this scene look familiar?
We all have our own ways of unwinding from a long work week or stressful studies.
I know I enjoy my DAY OFF when I can. A nice slow meandering walk seems to do me good. How about you?
E-mail your "URGs" to with the subject line "Sent In By You".

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Derrick said...

Haha. Love the umbrella on the UD handheld!

Sara Montgomery said...

EJ, thanks for elevating a simple idea into something so funny and perfect with your drawing, and that extra spin you always find (notably the umbrella drinks, so brilliant)! You have an incredible talent! Keep up the great work. :)

EJ said...

Sara, thanks again for the "URG", I hope you guys are enjoying your "Day Off" today and that you were able to curl up with a good book: )

West Grey Runner said...

Perfect, my weekend and vacations!