Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Warning: DO NOT attempt to try this at home: )

A BIG Congratulations to Bryon!
 Bryon's entry WIN's the #2 Spot in URG's Top 20 Contest!


Sara Montgomery said...

Hey the cute doggie is running now! :)

EJ, Bryon needs his "y" and "r" reversed. :)

EJ said...

I know his name is Byron and my dyslexia assured me I had it spelled correctly! Damn I hate it when that eveytime I need to make a right turn...hence I get lost alot:)

EJ said...

OK I got it. Byron's name is BRYON(pronounced like Brian). But I am still sticking to the claim that my dyslexia made me do it so please forgive me Bryon although I am sure you get it alot and it must really piss you off by now.