Monday, May 17, 2010


I am sorry but todays comic has no dialogue as I couldn't quite make out URG's conversation.
Is it his daughter on the phone? Perhaps it's his wife or a client, a bill collector or his Mom?
I don't know, but if you think you know then please leave a comment or send it to .

Thanks to everyone for all the GREAT URG dialogue. You are all WINNERS ; )

Derrick said...
- Yes, is this Papa Pete's? I'd like a jumbo sized vegetarian pizza delivered to the third tree past the beaver dam on Arkon Lake at Frontenac Park.
- Honey, can you bring me some TP. I'm in a non-deciduous forest and there's no leaves.
- Did the Bruins win?
- What? You want race results from the 5Peaks race?? I sorry...Me no speak English!
- Is this the Beer Store? Do you deliver?

David said...
URG runs with a Cell Phone? Say it ain't so....
EJ said...
David, "URG runs with a Cell Phone? Say it ain't so...."
Well how else is he going to order his beer and pizza mid run. Think before you speak man ; )

Sara said...
Hi honey. I just hit the turnaround point, so I'll be home soon - just another 5 hours!

Nature Girl said...
"No, I don't want an extended warranty on my treadmill! Stop calling me!"

EJ said...
OK here is another spin on some of URG'S conversations to date-
-Hi, my treadmill broke, is it too late to buy that extended warranty? CLICK!!
-Hi honey I forgot to turn around again, so I'll be a bit late -just another 10 hrs.
-If the Bruins lost don't tell me. Why aren't you speaking?

Derrick said... fast can you bring me a can of bear spray?

Sara said...
I was running along with a deer all morning!! It must have gotten tired.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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BTW, LSB is "Long Steady Batchen".