Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 20 Signs Your Are Training (Too) Hard for Your Next Ultra - CONTEST!!

URG's FIRST Contest!!
We need your HELP to FINISH our TOP Ten 20 List!
Check out the Details Below.
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Top 20 Signs You are Training (Too) Hard
for Your Next Ultra

#20. you leave drop bags beside your bed for late night snacks. Derrick
 Thanks to Derrick who sent me this line as an idea for an "URG". I thought it sounded like the start of a Great TOP 10 List...which is now become a TOP 20 List.

19. you find yourself asking strangers in the grocery store to pace you through the frozen food section.

18. you insist your family uses headlamp light exclusively after Dusk.

17. your dog thinks it is so cute the way your feet and arms move when you sleep.

16. you've used your new altimeter watch to chart the elevation climb from the basement to the living room to the bedroom and have set a PR on the course...3x's

15. you wake your spouse up every night shouting "GU, more GU, I need more GU"

14. 3 days before the race you try to convince yourself that a quick little 50 km run couldn't hurt and might actually loosen things up.

13. ??? OK it is now your turn. We need your HELP to complete the list. Leave a "Comment" with your entry for our Top Ten List. You need only enter 1 suggestion or 3 or a dozen. I will add the winning entry's to the list with the name/link of the winner. If for some reason you cannot leave a comment then e-mail your entry to me at

Prizes: The Top 3 entry's will be commemorated in pencil/ink and posted on the site. 
1st Prize: The person who's entry is chosen as #1 on the Top Ten List will get his or her very own character based on your Ultra Running exploits in an upcoming URG episode PLUS...........bragging rights:) 

There is NO limit to the number of entry's per person.
BTW, the 3 winning entry's will be decided by me. Oh the POWER!

UPDATE: URG's First Contest is NOW CLOSED. Click her for the WINNERS. Due to recieving so many good entries I have decided to turned the "TOP 10 List" into a "Top 20 ". Thank-you to everyone who entered. It was extremely HARD determining the winner and I now regret putting all that pressure on my shoulders. Next time I will turn it over to a professional:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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Just a QUICK list of some Ultra Runners who practice YOGA-
OK, I am sure there are MANY more but that is all I could find for now.
Is there anyone else out there who starts their day with a few good Sun Salutations?

Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 2009 Leadville 100 Shoe Interviews

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 One of URG's favorite Ultra Running .coms is .
Check out two great interviews from Bryon Powell
with Duncan Callahan and Anton Krupicka from Leadville, CO.
Leadville 100 Trail Run 2009
Leadville 100 2009 Results & Reports

Saturday, August 8, 2009

UltraRunning Magazine

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 Ah! Every Ultra Runner's FANTASY!

Yes, making the cover of UltraRunning Magazine is probably only a dream for most, however making the inside pages is a definite possibility as reader submitted race reports, articles and comics are welcome.
Ultra Running Magazine Submissions Link
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