Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 2009 Leadville 100 Shoe Interviews

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 One of URG's favorite Ultra Running .coms is .
Check out two great interviews from Bryon Powell
with Duncan Callahan and Anton Krupicka from Leadville, CO.
Leadville 100 Trail Run 2009
Leadville 100 2009 Results & Reports


Derrick said...

I really liked Bryon's Leadville interviews, but thinking that I like the shoe Leadville interviews even better!

Think you nailed the likenesses of each very well EJ!

Derrick said... the way, you have to send that to Bryon!

EJ said...

Ok, but I think he is a bit busy at the moment so I will hold off until next week.
Vasque Transister and New Balance Mt-100 should be finishing soon. Good Luck to them plus all the other running shoes at Leadville today.

Derrick said...

Huge Congrats to Bryon. Great race! Must have been that run at Frontenac Park a couple of months ago that put his fitness over the top;)

Too bad about Krupicka's DNF at 75miles, but impressive that he ran so agreesively to try to take down Carpenter's course record.

Nice to see Callahan hang on with a third after running so hard early on.

And most impressive was Parr in winning and only one week after winning the Pikes Peak Marathon.

EJ said...

Yes Byron did amazing. I wonder what shoes he was wearing?

EJ said...

Waiting to see how John(Lakewood) did. They don't seem to post times for those who finish after the 24 hrs. cutoff.

EJ said...

Also a HUGE Congrats to Lakewood for grabbing that 30 hour buckle at Leadville this weekend. Very inspiring!!