Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Firstly, thank-you to everyone who entered the contest. your entries were so funny and imaginitive with some of them being on the unconventional side for a "TOP TEN LIST". Let's see I got one entry in the form of a 5 stanza poem  and more then a few random thoughts from the minds of your dogs. Taking the lead from you I have decided to make the LIST a bit unconventional as well.
So without any further ramblings from ME here is YOUR
#10a) you know you are well hydrated by peeing on every tree you pass. -Derrick
      b) Poop in the woods, and stand around and wait for someone to clean it up for you. -David

#9) Eat random things you find along your run. -David

#8a) When you see another runner, run up to them and smell them. -David    
    b)  sniff, sniff, sniff,sniff..... SQUIRREL!!!!(pause)......sniff,sniff,sniff.... -Aaron
#7) Never run in a straight line or the same direction for more than 5 seconds. -David
#6) Have the runner behind you start a game of "fetch" with you using gels and shot blocks. -Lakewood
#5a) From the mind of my lab:
       Where are you, there you are, chipmunk, where are you, hey who's that dog, squirrel, where    are you, watch out mountain biker, hey we didnt bring Jack, chipmunk, stream, where are you, there you are, we're done already :( -Sank
   b) What runs through a dogs mind:
        ....running!...that's my most favorite thing! Wait what's that ? A dead fish...oh that's my most favorite thing! Man I'm itchy maybe I'll scratch...oh that's my most favorite thing....I think I'll lick my ...err now its just getting creepy -Aaron

#4) Aim to be the lead dog (re: dogsledding) because unless you are the lead dog, the view is always the same! -Derrick

#3) Instead of your normal route, run a 20 mile loop chasing the mailman around the neighborhood. (Just make sure he doesn't have any doggy pepper spray first). -Lakewood

#2) I am dog, see me run.
     What pace, what route? Who cares, no fun!

      Start off fast, then lope to trot
     Stop and sniff all stinky rot.

      Have a roll, it's worth the bath
    They give you in the aftermath.

     Fur and tongue fly all around,
    So glad I'm out of that damn pound.

    Please take me with you every day,
  We'll both be happy with our play. -Sara

#1) When you get home, tear around the house in your muddy shoes. -David

CONGRATULATIONS DAVID for taking the #1 spot on the list. I really enjoyed bringing it to life as an URG comic.

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