Saturday, October 31, 2009


The more specific one's training becomes the harder it is to run with someone else.
Firstly you must determine "WHEN" the run will take place. This can take a miracle to actually match up a day and time when both of you are available.  Then the "WHERE", "WHAT"  and "HOW" must be determined. What pace should you run at, what distance, a long flat single track, a short steep uphill climb, etc. etc.? Add a few more people into the mix who are recovering or tapering or have injuries to consider and it can all get rather complicated. All the variables MUST be considered  and accounted for before the RUNNING DATE can finally be consumated.

P.S. I hope you get this one because it took most of my brain cells
to get it on paper and then on to my computer.
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Derrick said...

Ah yes, the 'group' trail run. Always a challenge.

Funny, as I was thinking about that in Banff. Leslie had arranged a point to point run 35km run with one group at the same time as another group going 35km in the other direction. They met partway and exchanged car keys to be able to meet up and switch cars later. THAT takes a lot of planning, but then again it seems like there are so many like-minded individuals in Banff/Canmore area. Incredible.

Lakewood said...

yay! I get trail #3 :-)

If you want to know what trail I'll actually be running next'll probably be this one :-)

Sara Montgomery said...

Love the map!

Lakewood - unreal!!! Very cool.

EJ said...

Hey Sara,
Can you guess what "MIG" stands for. And how about "DUG" also?
P.S. the MAP is a prop and not drawn to scale or based on reality in any way shape or form.

Trail #3 has been extended and is now a 9000(?) mile trail to Antarctica.
Are you staying for any length of time in Christchurch, NZ? "DUG" is from there, quite the coincidence?

Have a safe trip and Good Luck with your studies.

Sank said...

Wow did I actually get made in cartoon form? I figure it has to be, how many other SANKS' are out there - right?
This definately made my day today!

Sara Montgomery said...

DUG = Down Under Guy.
Now what is MIG?

EJ said...

Yes "Down Under Guy" is correct. Very Good.
"MIG" is in reference to John's muddy races this year and his ice core studies so "Mud & Ice Guy". Sank came with a name already and I liked it but I don't know what it means. Perhaps he will share.

Lakewood said...

All usap deployments go through Christchurch. I will be there for about 3 days on the way down, but probably 5 on the way back. I loved it last year. Nz is amazing.

EJ said...

Lakewood, You must be getting close. Are you there yet? After all that time on planes I know you are going for a run. Perhaps you'll find some like minded folks to join you. Enjoy!!

EJ said...

I hope you don't mind me using your pseudonym. It sounds cool and it fits on the shirt. I was thinking of calling you "DOGG" as in "Dog Guy" or "MUG" as in Massachusetts Ultra Guy. What do you think whatever you like. Easily changed..or not changed:)

Sank said...

Mind? No I am actually quite flattered to be included. Not sure I quite fit the Ultra moniker YET, but I will!
Been Sank since I can remember but a DOGG guy almost as long, I will leave it up to you.
Only wish I lived close enough to actually participate with your crew. If any of you are doing Boston, DEFINATELY look me up !

James Styler Ⓥ said...

I would be flattered if any of you would like to get in touch with me for a run if / when anyone passes through Christchurch, NZ.
We have steep hills, rolling hills, false flats and summits that are 2,000m above the start of your run.
Planning a route sure can be tough over here !!