Saturday, November 7, 2009

Make Room For MY NEW SHOES!!

Out with HER OLD, in with HIS NEW.
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JD said...

Look at what I found earlier this week:

Sank said...

Classic - in the real world it's my shoes that go to the thrown out pile, so the wifey can get another pair of black shoes. Downstairs the running shoes rule and the wife and daughters go in the trash pile. LOVE THIS POST!

EJ said...

I guess it all depends on who is compiling the "throw out pile". It is always easier to throw out other peoples junk including old sneakers, T-shirts and kid's toys.

Only 2 pairs at the front door. OMG I would be in so much trouble.

Derrick said...

JD...beware of the garage sale!

Too funny. I have to admit that we maybe have a "few" pairs hanging out around our front door:)