Saturday, November 12, 2011

Born To 100-Up


There were many reasons why I was disappointed when I read Chris McDougall's claims about the "100-UP" routine in the NY Times. I won't go into all of the reasons why however the one that disappointed me the most was that deep down inside I wanted to believe everything he was saying about it, that is was the, "foolproof method to relearn what the Tarahumara never forgot. A one best way to the one best way".

I cannot deny the giddy excited feelings I had in my belly as I read about how W.G. George invented the routine and then became a champion runner. It was the same feeling I had had a few years ago when I first read Matt Fitzgerald's, "Brain Training for Runners", Dr. Romanov's, "Pose Method of Running" and Chris', "Born To Run". Each book initially held the promise of being the one magic piece that my running puzzle was missing but in the end turned out to be just another addition to a still incomplete picture.

So in the end I was more disappointed in myself for wanting to believe in the "100-Up" then I was in Chris for offering it to me as "the one magic piece" that I thought I had given up searching for.

 -If you’re baking a cake, the “secret” ingredient that’s crucial to success is whichever one you’re missing. :) And once you’ve added that ingredient, adding twice as much doesn’t make it twice as good.
Alex Hutchinson,
Sweat Science

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