Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold Weather, Digit Protection System

Next Saturday is the Yukon Arctic Ultra where the temperatures have been hitting -40 C lately.
GOOD LUCK to everyone heading north(or south) next weekend including my coach Derrick who will be tackling the 100miler
and David who is giving the Marathon a try.


Derrick said...

Ha!...will be sure to have a warm DPS packed for next week.

Keith Iskiw said...

Don't forget Grandma Rosie's socks!

Sank said...

Too funny and appropriate. I just asked my mother to knit me some mittens and a new running hat on Friday.
Good luck to Derek and David.

David said...

Very Funny, but I can see how having the Mitts on a string could help. Hmmm wonder if I have time to test develop a DPS before Saturday.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Derrick, Good Luck on Saturday and I hope your DPS works out.

Keith, Love Gramma Rosie's socks, I have a camo pair.

Sank, Cool, perhaps she can knit you another pair of NB minimus';-)

David, Yes you better test your DPS out because they can be tricky to operate:-p