Sunday, March 18, 2012


First panel of the debut comic, "It's A Bird".
To see the full comic go to
Please check out my new comic series, "Happy Trails" on iRunFar. The debut comic, "It's A Bird", was inspired by Jill Homer's flyover pictures of this year’s Iditarod Trail Invitational. The series will run every other Sunday, but don't worry, "URG" will continue to be published here with the same random irregularity you have all come to expect;-) So what are you doing still reading this? Head on over to iRunFar and check it out.


David said...

That is very cool, and I can say I knew you when....congrats.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Thanks David. I took on the challenge of the new comic series because I wanted to push my boundries and explore my potential. Two things you know a little about also. I look forward to you visiting me at iRF with your Sunday morning coffee now and again as I always look forward to your comments and feedback. Hope you are feeling better these days.

Sank said...

Congrats EJ !
That is so cool. Very happy for you!

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Thanks Sank, and as I told David, it would be nice to have my, "Old" friends drop by iRF to leave your thoughts and comments for me. What I am saying is I need all the support I can get;-)