Saturday, March 24, 2012



Thanks to Bryon for sending in his idea for an "URG".

Bryon's idea with some of my thoughts in (bold)-
Ok, now that I have my sketch in front of me, I have a two panel comic(2 panels Bryon, really??)... though, now that I think about it, it might be three panels(more like 6).
Panel 1: URG walks into a huge home repair/construction store akin to Home Depot/Lowes in the States. You can prominently see a sign that lists many, many aisles. Maybe you can read all of them, maybe you can't, but the last one is "outdoors" or "garden" or something like that. There are also an huge number of aisles radiating from the entry way.(huge number of aisles? I do have a life you know. Do you know how much work that is?? I did 5.)
Panel 2 (optional... originally not included): URG walking around some ridiculous aisle looking forlorn. He's clearly out of place.
Panel 3: URG has found the outdoor/garden department and is either completely at ease or running around the tree selection.
I suppose there could be another panel before Panel 1 in which Guy and Gal are talking about fixing an issue (leaky roof, broken pipe, etc) to set the story. Maybe it's clear it's a weekend and URG is gonna miss his Saturday run(Good idea but yes it did mean another panel plus one more to wrap it up).
Ok, there's my idea. I won't be the least bit offended if you toss it. :-) (well your idea escaped the trash bin, hope you like the final product;-p)


Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Hey Bryon I really did enjoying putting this URG together and the aisles weren't so bad to do afterall.

Sara Montgomery said...

How many miles did URG put in the garden aisle? :)

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Not sure how many miles but he probably ran until he was asked to leave.