Saturday, October 31, 2020

Who the FORK are you suppost to be? - SUPER EVIL RACE DIRECTOR


This comic was inspired by a series of books about an abandoned pit bull named Big. Big Dog Diaries follows the adventures of Big and his family, including his older sister Little and his Dad Lazarus Lake. Laz credits Big as the true author of the series yet it is Lake who puts into words the wonders of being "Big". Describing the world through the lens and the nose of a dog who was abused and left for dead and yet retained his good nature and the ability to give and accept love is both inspiring and humbling.

The stories are chalked full of introspection, and I was left with a lasting sense that dogs are not only like our children but are our teaches, imparting us with their distinctive "breed" of wisdom. Big as it turns out is as kind-hearted as he is ferocious looking, and I must admit that I've developed a crush on the "Big" fellow. His sister Little reminds me of URP and has appeared on this blog before as she is famous for accompanying her dad at his infamous Barkley Marathons race. There are also many insights about Big training with his dad for races and tidbits of information about the numerous events  Laz directs.

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