Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Muddy Shoes!!

Here is an alternate line for URP-
"Someone is in BIG trouble and surprisingly, it's not ME!"

CONGRATULATIONS DAVID  for taking the #1 spot on the
Click here for The Top Ten Ways To Run Like A Dot List WINNERS.
I really enjoyed bringing it to life as an URG comic.
(P.S. for some reason I had trouble posting the results so I had to make it into 2 postings)


David said...

Great drawing as always - I need to get Strider a URP collar.

Actually Strider is learning to stop and get his feet wiped before he comes in - now if only we could teach URG.

EJ said...

Well it is hard to teach an "OLD dog NEW tricks". Luckily Strider is still young and teachable:) Can't you just picture URG slopping around the house and the furniture in his muddy shoes?
Congrats again on your BIG WIN!!

Sank said...

Thanks for including me :)
Looking forward to your next 'contest".

EJ said...

Thanks Sank for adding your doggie insights to the contest. I don't know what the next contest will be but I am sure something will come to me. How about a "Sent In By You" URG from you. If you come up with anything let me know. E-mail me at

Sara said...

Getting caught up on my URG strips. :) Congrats to David. Good one!!!

EJ said...

Congratulations on getting the #2 spot Sara. Your poem is just amazing and so fun.